Transaction Readiness Assessment

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Private business owners preparing for a transition event and desiring to best leverage their strengths, minimize perceived weaknesses, and take advantage of business opportunities may benefit from a Transaction Readiness Assessment (“TRA”) by EdgePoint.

This review, performed by investment bankers with decades of transaction, operational, and financial experience, will enable transaction-minded private business owners to align operational decisions or initiatives with attributes that are desired by strategic buyers and financial investors—creating long-term value in the process. This high-value service enables the private business owners to anticipate any value constraints in their business and enable them to realize maximize value.

Assessment Overview

  • Comprehensive report with insightful analysis
  • Performed by experienced and multi-disciplinary professionals with extensive operational experience
  • On-going support to ensure that identified initiatives are implemented
  • Fixed fee for Assessment is offset against future transaction fees

Market Value Assessment

  • Data analysis to determine key business drivers
  • Evaluation of those metrics against peer group
  • Historical and projected financial analysis
  • Market valuation analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis to access recession-resistance

Value Enhancement

  • Identify gaps in value expectations versus current market value
  • Identify drivers of value and strategies for enhancement
  • Quantify value creation relative to cost; prioritize value-enhancing initiatives
  • Strategic buyer synergy and positioning analysis

Operational Diligence Review

  • Assessment of key operational drivers
  • Personnel and team assessment
  • M&A and industry specific value drivers

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