Sell-side: Proven Process

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EdgePoint has developed a highly effective approach to representing the shareholders of middle-market businesses in selling their company or division(s) in a confidential manner. Our process starts with a detailed valuation to determine how much the business is worth and identify potential market opportunities. Once this step is complete and it is decided to proceed with a potential sale, EdgePoint rapidly begins the process of taking your company to the target market. 


  1. Assess value of company
  2. Define owners objective
  3. Develop custom buyers universe
  4. Review strategic alternatives and transition options
  5. Transactional tax analysis
  6. Recast historical financials
  7. Review financial projections
  8. Communicate with other advisors
  9. Conduct extensive market research
  10. Prepare confidential offering memorandum
  11. Prepare one page teaser


  1. Conduct buyer calls
  2. Establish timeline for controlled auction
  3. Solicit bids from numerous qualified buyers
  4. Evaluate various offers and letters of intent
  5. Facilitate management presentations and final offers
  6. Advise owners on final buyer selection
  7. Negotiate terms and conditions with interested buyers


  1. Facilitate due diligence process
  2. Negotiate final purchase agreements
  3. Ensure financing is secure and on schedule
  4. Completion of detailed closing checklist
  5. Management and employee notification


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