Case Study: Motor City Fasteners

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  • Located in Hazel Park, MI
  • Supplied the most diversified fastener inventory in the Midwest, serving the automotive, trucking, defense, construction and automation tooling industries. Motor City stocks more than 80,000 SKUs including hex caps, bolts, sockets, nuts, and washers. Motor City is known for its inventory of hard to find items, and often acts as a value-added partner in the development of products for its customers.
  • President and CEO Bob Puskas desired a confidential process which explored all potential buyers.

EdgePoint’s Solution

EdgePoint determined that a staged-marketing process was optimal.  The staged process enabled buyers to be screened by ownership prior to outbound communications.  The release of information was guarded and delayed to preserve confidentiality.

EdgePoint achieved the owner’s objectives:

  • The M&A marketing process yielded more than 15 interested parties with values exceeding owner’s initial expectations.
  • We selected a private equity group with relevant industry experience with interest in preserving the company culture and to retain their existing workforce. 


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