Case Study: MC Sign Company

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  • Leading full-service provider of outdoor sign installation and lighting maintenance / repair
  • Client received an unsolicited offer to buy from a “friendly” competitor
  • Client sought a partner that would share in his vision and provide the necessary strategic and financial resources to achieve his growth plan

EdgePoint’s Solution

Tim hired EdgePoint to first pursue the pre-emptive offer from the “friendly” competitor.  That offer turned out to be unsatisfactory for Tim in value and terms.  
EdgePoint then conducted a full marketing process and identified a private equity buyer/partner that enabled Tim to continue building the business and receive a value 40% in excess of that offered by the pre-emptive “friendly” buyer. 

EdgePoint achieved the owner’s objectives:

  • Tim was able to continue managing the business while accessing the capital and resources necessary to continue the strategic growth trajectory he initiated.
  • Tim realized a value in excess what he originally believed was a fair offer from the pre-emptive “friendly” competitor


Tim Eippert
MC Sign Company

I did not fully realize the time commitment necessary to complete a transaction.  The EdgePoint team enabled me and my key managers to remain focused on effectively operating the business, while guiding us through the marketing and due diligence process.  Their skillful and strategic negotiations were instrumental in ultimately identifying and closing the our deal with a partner that best fit our goals and objectives.

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