Capital Plan Assessment

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Private business owners with capital needs for growth, acquisition, or restructuring need an experienced and connected advisor. EdgePoint has been extraordinarily successful in advising clients and assessing their financing options in a changing economic environment. EdgePoint has developed extensive relationships with a wide variety of lenders including banks, non-banks, junior capital and long-term patient sources of capital.

EdgePoint’s Capital Plan Assessment (CPA) is designed to enable companies to evaluate their current capital structure, options available, and to better prepare for their future capital needs. The report will provide a thorough analysis of your options and clear strategy for executing your capital plan with confidence in these challenging times.

Assessment Overview

  • Comprehensive financial analysis of performance, current leverage, and business cash flows
  • Evaluation of current debt structure and associated covenants
  • Assess specific debt/ financing needs
  • Identify optimal debt/ financing sources
  • Preparation to contact, negotiate, and implement best sources to meet client needs

Performance Assessment

  • Data analysis to evaluate key lending ratios
  • Peer and sector lending analysis
  • Historical and projected financial performance analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and impact on debt capacity

Sensitivity Analysis

  • Evaluation of current financial and cash flow performance
  • Sensitivity analysis to changing market conditions and impact on business
  • Covenant and lender flexibility analysis

Preparation for Accessing Capital

  • Capital alternatives analysis
  • Preparation of materials needed to secure the desired capital
  • Reforecasting and positioning for optimal success with lenders
  • Coaching and advisory in preparation

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